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Organization Name
Vision Faith Media Group

11152 Westheimer #441
Houston, Texas 77042

Organization Description
The goal of an internship in communications, public relations and marketing is to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-world situations, as well as gain the skills and experience that is necessary to prepare you for a successful career.

Description of Internship
Public relations & Marketing Interns may work with product and brand management and/or internal and external communications. This may involve creating promotional materials, doing research on a target market, or selling the product/service to customers.
You will be able to work from your home office. You are required to have (A) a telephone and (B) a computer with internet & email capabilities. You will not need to work from the offices of Vision Faith Media Group (VFMG).

1. Possible responsibilities may include, but not limited to:

2. Personal records requested:

3. Compensations and benefits

4. Hours – We at VFMG are flexible with the schedules of our Interns. We do forward deadlines for the requested work, however, we do take into consideration that the students may work and/or attend school fulltime.

To our new Interns, your VFMG team anticipates taking you out to lunch to get to know you and to make sure you meet everyone with whom you will be working. Your initial work goals so that you feel immediately productive in your new role will be research and documentation.

The Vision Faith Media Group Team is here to support your transition so, please know that you can call on any of us to assist you. We are looking forward to you joining our team and your success at company.

Again, welcome to the team. If you have questions prior to your start date, please call me at any time, or send an email if that is more convenient. We look forward to having you come onboard.

Contact Name
Dionne W. Beauregard
Vision Faith Media Group

Contact Number

Phone: (281) 839-3020, (832) 483-3350
Fax: (281) 421-7234

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