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Four of Floyd Newsum's paintings were installed in the new College of Public Service building on Commerce and Main:

Floyd Newsum Art work Photo At UHD, Art is a part of the Department of Arts and Humanities, along with Communication Studies, Drama, Foreign Languages, Humanities, and Music. There is no Art major at UHD, but it is possible to earn a B.A. in Fine Arts, or to minor in the art, emphasizing art history or art studio. There is a wide variety of course offerings for a student to choose from, taught by full-time faculty.

The Department of Arts and Humanities also houses the O'Kane Gallery. The gallery serves the students, faculty, and staff of the downtown campus as well as the general public by presenting quality exhibits and programming, exploring the variety of aesthetic issues found in contemporary art. Students may choose to serve as a volunteer intern in the O’Kane Gallery for course credit and thereby gain knowledge on the inside workings of an art gallery. The gallery also hosts an annual Spring student exhibition and is a major participant in the annual Fine Arts Festival.

Art scholarships are available for those students who show promise in the field of art or art history. This includes the Trask Art Scholarship and Shipness Scholarship.

Academic Programs and Minor Degrees




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