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Field Experience Information for Spanish Majors - SPAN 4380

Hosted by Dr. William Nowak
Office 1028-S
(713) 221-8673


  • A minimum of 60 cumulative credit hours completed
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • A declared Spanish major at the University of Houston - Downtown
  • You must complete a minimum of 120 hours on the job for the semester
    (about 10 hours a week) for 3 hours of course credit.
  • You must have completed either SPAN 3320 or SPAN 3302 prior to beginning your internship

Steps for Applying

  • 1. Find an internship. There are three major ways to find an internship:
  • a. Dr. Nowak periodically sends out email leads on internships, and he may have other information about some opportunities if you ask him. Dr. Rey Romero may also have internship opportunities in translation or tutoring positions if you meet his criteria.
  • b. You should be proactive and search for your own field experiences. This is the most common method for finding a suitable internship; we consider that finding a good opportunity is part of the learning process of the internship. Your internship must be a new position to you: you may not continue at your current job to earn academic credits for this course.
  • c. You may visit career services and solicit their help in the process. If you are an international student you must receive approval from the Coordinator of International Admissions, Suite 350 South, (713) 221-8048, in addition to all of the steps and requirements given above.

  • 2. Dr. William Nowak must approve your internship.You must get an email from him approving your internship; to do this, you must send him an email ( detailing where and with what supervisor you will be completing your internship, spelling out how you will use Spanish on the job and how this work experience fits into your career or professional plans (don’t work in a service job if that is not what you want to do after graduation). To be sure you will get Dr. Nowak’s approval, make sure of the following:
  • a. That you are not working for your family.
  • b. The internship position, when documented on your resume, will demonstrate that you are professional and can handle a professional job.
  • c. The internship position will make you more marketable and improve your academic experience (meaning do something beyond your present job or position - stretch yourself!). It is a new experience for you, not a job you have held previously.
  • d. It is related to your major and your professional goals (i.e., you must speak Spanish on the job at least part of the time and have a Spanish-speaking supervisor). Also, it should not be in a service position (i.e., customer service in a store) that would not normally require a professional degree, unless you can explain how such experience fits into your personal professional goals.

  • 3. Complete a Field Experience Application. You can get this application from Career services or you can go online or here: Once you attain this form, you will need to perform three steps:
  • a. You need to get your employer to sign the form and fill it out.
  • b. You need to get the department Chair's to sign the form (Room 1009S).
  • c. You need to leave the form with Dr. Nowak (in his box inside S1009), including your current resume and an informal copy of your college transcripts.

  • 4. After these steps, the process is complete.Once Dr. Nowak receives the signed application form and other required materials, he will give you permission in the UHD system to enroll in SPAN 4380. You must then register yourself for SPAN 4380 (and be sure to pay for this three-credit course). Congratulations on achieving a wonderful opportunity for yourself!


  • Completion of all steps of the application process
  • Completion of all required work hours (120 hours)
  • Supervisor's evaluation, including section on student's ability to work in Spanish in a professional environment
  • Attendance and constructive participation in all required meetings
  • Completion of Internship Journal, written in Spanish (a page per week of the internship, chronicling your experiences, difficulties and favorite parts of the internship)
  • Completion of a 4- to 5- minute digital recording of a discussion about your internship in Spanish for inclusion in the Spanish Portfolio. You should speak in Spanish about your experiences during the internship, explaining your duties, your interactions with coworkers, clients or supervisors and what kinds of skills you practiced or learned during the internship that may be of help to you in future working situations where speaking Spanish is a requirement.

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