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Spanish Portfolio Guidelines Information

The Spanish portfolio is a thoughtfully selected, arranged, and presented record of a student’s most significant intellectual accomplishments. The body of work reflects on the student’s development throughout the program. In the final semester before graduation, students must select five of these samples to comprise an ideal portfolio, which satisfies the SPAN 4098 credit.

Portfolios submitted by April 1 qualify to enter the Best Spanish Portfolio Contest. The winner of the contest will receive a small cash prize and an award certificate.


Each portfolio should include these elements:

  • • A one-inch, three-ring binder with a title page including the student’s name and anticipated graduation date
  • • Table of contents
  • • All papers written in MLA and academic Spanish
  • • A brief cover letter addressed to the Spanish degree coordinator, including student’s current contact information and highlighting a few significant features of the portfolio
  • • A reflective essay
  • • Four to five writing samples
  • • Audio-visual samples

Reflective Essay

The reflective essay must meet follow these guidelines:

  • • 500 words or less
  • • Comprehensive analysis of other essays and presentations in the portfolio
  • • Explanation of which major skills are evident in the chosen works and how these skills have prepared the student to succeed professionally
  • • Identify particular cultural, literary or linguistic theories which are exhibited throughout the portfolio

Writing Samples

The writing section of the portfolio must adhere to these guidelines:

  • • Select four to five essays (a total of about 20 pages) which represent your skill at cultural, linguistic, or literary analysis
  • • Works should come from at least three different upper-level Spanish courses at UHD
  • • Label each essay with your name, a title, date of composition, and the course code
  • • MLA Style
  • • Edited according to comments and new insights

Audio/Visual Samples

Each Spanish student must submit an audio or video recording of a short speech about his or her internship experience. The presentation should be four to five minutes in length, delivered entirely in Spanish.

In this presentation, include a description of your work situation at the internship site and discuss:

  • • Your typical daily duties
  • • Specific interactions with your coworkers and supervisors
  • • Ways in which your UHD coursework prepared you for the challenges of the internship
  • • Any new skills you developed during the internship which will help you in the workplace

For best results:

  • • Organize ideas and practice before recording
  • • Speak naturally, in clear and professional Spanish
  • • Prepare notes to aid your memory during delivery, but do not read a prepared script

Please submit the recording on a CD, and place the disc in an envelope clearly labeled with your name, date of presentation, and title. Place the envelope in the interior pocket of the portfolio binder.

Please note: Portfolios are not returned to students after review. Prior to submission save copies of any documents that you wish to keep.

Degree Coordinator
Dr. William Nowak
Room: S-1009
(713) 221-8673

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Last updated or reviewed on 8/20/14

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