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Spanish Degree Requirements

Degree requirements are usually listed as a certain number of hours, but what each degree really requires is the completion of a certain level of competency in a foreign language. Therefore, if you place into or above the required level, you will make up the hours by taking other courses related to the major. For example, a Bachelor of Arts degree in social science requires 14 hours or proficiency through the 4th semester. If you place into SPAN 2311 or 2301, you will fulfill that requirement by taking only two courses for a total of 6 hours: SPAN 2311 and SPAN 2312 or SPAN 2301 and SPAN 2302.

In order to receive elective credit towards graduation for the introductory hours you would skip, however, you must earn at least a B in the first Spanish course you take at UHD.   If you get a C, you will get no retroactive elective credit for the earlier Spanish courses out of which you placed

The following majors require 8 hours or proficiency through the 2nd semester of a foreign language:

  • Communication Studies
  • English
  • Early Childhood Elementary Generalist
  • Fourth-Eighth Grade Elementary Generalist
  • History

The following majors require 9 hours of Spanish including 6 hours at the 2000-level plus SPAN 3301:

  • Early Childhood—Fourth Grade Bilingual Generalist
  • Fourth—Eighth Grade Bilingual Generalist

The following majors require either 14 hours of foreign language , or proficiency through the 3rd semester of a foreign language plus 3 hours in a specific foreign culture

  • Humanities (through FREN or SPAN 2301 + FREN or SPAN 2302 or a course focusing on a specific culture)
  • Spanish.

The following major requires 14 hours or proficiency through the 4th semester of a foreign language:

  • Social Sciences

Degree Coordinator
Dr. William Nowak
Room: S-1009
(713) 221-8673

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Last updated or reviewed on 8/20/14

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