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Spanish Placement Test

If you have had any Spanish courses in high school or if you have life experience in Spanish (i.e., speaking Spanish at home or with relatives, or living in a Spanish-speaking country for a time), you must take the placement test before you register for a Spanish course. Contact Edwin Padilla for information about the placement test schedule: 713-226-5228 or, S-1019.

Retroactive Credit from Placement Test

If you place into a course above SPAN 1401, you can receive retroactive credit provided you get a grade of A or B in the course you take. The retroactive credit appears on your transcript with the grade of "S" (Satisfactory) and may count as elective credits towards graduation.

Grade of A or B in SPAN 1402 and 4 hours of credit for SPAN 1401

Grade of A or B in SPAN 2301 or 2311 and 8 hours of credit for SPAN 1401 & 1402

Grade of A or B in SPAN 3301 and 6 hours of credit for SPAN 2311 & 2312 or 8 hours of credit for SPAN 1401 and 1402

Please note that you must request this credit after you finish the course; it is not automatically awarded to you. To request your retroactive credits, contact the Spanish Area Coordinator Dr. E. Padilla, room 1019 South, 713-226-5228.

Those planning to pursue a Spanish Major should note:

  • that most students can earn a maximum of only 8 credit hours either through retroactive credit by the UHD placement exam or through CLEP (you are not allowed to combine CLEP and UHD retroactive credit to substitute for Intermediate Spanish I and II). The only exception to this rule are those who received the highest score on their High School AP test (5), who will receive 11 hours of ā€œSā€ credit as follows: SPAN 1401, SPAN 1402 and SPAN 2301.
  • All Spanish majors who test into SPAN 3301 will be required to complete 6 credit hours in approved courses dealing with Hispanic culture as a substitute for SPAN 2301/2302 or SPAN 2311/2312.
  • Additional upper level courses in Spanish may also be used to substitute for Intermediate Spanish

Degree Coordinator
Dr. William Nowak
Room: S-1009
(713) 221-8673

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Last updated or reviewed on 8/20/14

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