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Student Supply Chain Management Association (SSCMA)

The University of Houston-Downtown Student Supply Chain Management Association (SSCMA) is an active and vibrant student group on this campus.  The organization is about developing professional associations and having fun.  The SSCMA organizes functions and activities, but it does not ask any member or officer to overextend the amount of time an individual gives which may detract from studies to accomplish group activities.  While the SSCMA encourages students to make lifelong associations with friends that will continue into their professional life, it does not intend to accomplish its activities by sacrificing student time away from studies, work, or home life.  downtown

The UHD Student Supply Chain Management Association’s faculty advisors include the entire faculty teaching in the Supply Chain Program.  The organization is lead by Dr. Gary Stading and Dr. Jeff Adams.  In addition, current advisors include Mr. Joe Bentley and Captain McNab.  Each of these advisors has vast industry experience.  They provide guidance and year to year stability in the organization as the students and student officer’s graduate and move on from semester to semester.

The UHD Student Supply Chain Management Association is a student organization that is linked to a hierarchy of professional organizations locally and globally.  Once the student becomes a member of this organization they are immediately affiliated with two others.  The first is the local Houston professional chapter of the National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM). This organization is a part of the global Institute of Supply Management (ISM).  You can find more information on these organizations at  After graduation, all students are encouraged to maintain a professional relationship with these societies for a lifelong pursuit of the supply chain and logistical sciences.

The UHD Student Supply Chain Management Association is involved in providing experiential activities in a wide ranging cross-section of professional areas from which the students are recruited.  The supply chain profession is a study of the decision making sciences that involves many areas including: supplier management, purchasing, inventory management, operations management, quality management, project management, industrial marketing, and sales. 

The UHD SSMCA students are recruited by gas and oil companies, transportation companies, logistics suppliers, manufacturers, medical providers, and many more.  Each semester, the SSCMA brings in speakers (past speakers have included companies like Shell, Chevron-Texaco, Continental Airlines, MD Anderson, and many others).  The SSCMA is involved in field trips (past field trips have included tours of such places as the Port of Houston and the Wal-Mart Distribution Center).  These speakers and trips are designed to allow students to network and understand if this is a field, company, or area they would like to pursue professionally.
Finally and most importantly, the UHD SSCMA is an organization that is about having fun while providing a platform for professional development.  If this sounds like an organization and a professional area that you would like to be a part of, or if you are a potential employer or sponsor and would like to learn more about recruiting or interacting with students, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Adams ( or any of the SSCMA officers through links on this web site.

Break Bulk Education Day
at George R. Brown Convention center on Oct 12, 2010
(from left to right back row): Tiffany Atkins, Leonor Muller, Steven Haywood,
(front row): Jennifer Forsyth, Krytina Zambrano and Judi Igwe

Walmart Distribution Center Trip

(from left to right) Walmart Marketing Director, Mathew Atkins, Professor Adams,  Brian Jackson,
(front row) Judi Igwe, Krystina Zambrano, Jessica Lopez, Marylin Smith, and Rhett Bates

Supply Chain Management Association tour to Port of Houston

Supply Chain Management Association tour to Port of Houston

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