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Supply Chain Research Center Vision

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program at the University of Houston-Downtown is uniquely positioned to serve the community in many ways.  The SCM program offers its current students to industry in a variety ways that include internships, part time work positions, or even as full time employees (the students are then encouraged to finish their degrees through a combination of on-line, evenings, or weekend programs).  The SCM program is proud to offer its graduates as fully capable and industrious employees.    The SCM program will assist industry through a variety of research or continuing education programs.  The SCM Research Center is the vehicle by which the Supply Chain program and industry interact.

The Supply Chain Management program is a reality based education program.  It relies on interaction with the local business and philanthropic community.  Since the program is a reality based student learning initiative, it is driven by cases, examples, speakers, visits and projects that involve the SCM students.  It is through industry interaction that this education is realized. 
There are a number of ways that companies can become involved with the SCM program and its students.  These are numerous and wide ranging.  The students can become involved through such examples as research projects, professional organizations, speakers, community projects, conferences and round tables.  These are just a few of the avenues that the SCM students are expected to interact with the local business community.

If companies have a particular problem or issue that the faculty and students can be of assistance on in resolving , this can represent a tremendous learning opportunity for the student.  Examples of the types of student projects or research projects that the SCM faculty and students have worked on include: inventory management, facility layout, supply chain management, project management, purchasing and procurement projects, market research, systems and information management, and financial improvement performance.  The students and faculty have partnered with a variety of companies or organizations to improve their systems while enhancing student learning.

Mutual benefits occur between a company and the SCM program when the company becomes involved.  Some of the benefits derived from this interaction include enhanced student recruitment, enriched learning by both organizations, sustained organizational growth, and expanded interactive partnership between the organizations.

There are a number of ways your industry or company can become involved in the SCM program.  These include student recruitment, providing speakers, providing tours, establishing internships, engaging the Research Center for training and continuing education, providing student projects or research projects (if a problem needs to be solved).  The SCM Research Center is excited to have industry involvement and partnership. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Research Center Director for further information.

Dr. Jeffery Adams photo
Dr. Jeffery Adams, Research Center Director


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