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The Right of Way Certificate Program is for persons desiring to pursue a career in Right of Way related activities or seeking to enhance their skills in Right of Way. The program provides IRWA Recertification CEU’s for the Senior Right of Way Professional (SR/WA) Designation.

The ROW Certificate's online program makes learning more flexible, yet engaging while you achieve your desired goal. All classes are conducted through Blackboard Learn, which is an effective Learning Management System used by many universities. Online classes keep participants involved through online discussion boards, on-demand and interactive content, short videos, and weekly assignments.

In order to receive this certificate, students must complete six modules.

Module One - Principles

Course 1: Right of Way and the Energy Industry: The Facts, The Challenges, The Needs
Course 2: Steps and Stages of Projects

Module Two - Projects

Course 1: Electric Projects: Transmission and Distribution
Course 2: Pipeline Projects: Oil and Gas Products

Module Three - Scope

Course 1: Shale Projects: Gold Rush Fever in Right of Way Today
Course 2: A Career in Right of Way
Course 3: Good Faith Negotiations and Landowner Relationships

Module Four - Title

Course 1: Title Part I: Understanding Ownership, Research Process and Assembling Title Files
Course 2: Title Part II: Legal Descriptions, Plotting Field Notes, Due Diligence

Module Five - Technology & Documentation

Course 1: Documents-Documents-Documents: The Variety and Necessity in Right of Way
Course 2: Technology Solutions: Data Management, GIS, and the Cloud

Module Six - Laws & Appraisals

Course 1: Real Estate Law and Right of Way
Course 2: Appraisals and Right of Way


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