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Faculty BIOS


Photo of D. Mazie LeftwichMazie Leftwich Psy.D, Sr. VP of Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS), a nationwide land management and right of way consulting company, is a nationally recognized speaker and workshop leader. Leftwich is the officer in charge of the CLS-Professional Development Institute and has been the catalyst behind CLS's extensive employee training, project kick-off and team-excellence programs.

Leftwich is an IRWA-certified communication instructor and has been an instructor on the university and community college level as well, including the University of Houston’s Leadership Certificate Program. She has a Doctorate in Applied Psychology and has been active in the right of way industry for 23 years. In addition to her work at CLS, Leftwich maintained a private clinical practice for 30 years, specializing in organizational and personal relationships and executive coaching.

A Gulf Coast Chapter 8 Region 2 IRWA member, she has provided training for numerous national and international energy companies, as well as non-profit organizations and various IRWA Chapters, and has often been a presenter at energy industry conferences throughout the United States. Leftwich combines her communication skills, business acumen, 30 years of clinical expertise, knowledge of relationship and organizational dynamics, a sense of humor and a joy for presenting informative, fun-filled workshops and classes.


Photo Of Kerry MaloneKerry Malone, Sr. VP of Projects & Operations, has been with Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS) since 1999 and has over 36 years of experience in the pipeline and electric transmission right of way industry. His responsibilities include project management and quality control for major pipeline and electric transmission acquisition projects.

He has extensive experience in management of FERC-regulated pipeline projects including the 1,600+ mile-long Rockies Express Pipeline. Kerry oversees development of policies and procedures for management of projects for CLS. He also works with clients to plan projects, prepare feasibility studies and ensure their employment needs are being met. Kerry is an instructor in the CLS Professional Development Institute and is a founding board member of the Right of Way Consultant's Council where he currently serves as vice chair.
Kerry holds BS and MEd degrees with additional post-graduate study in business and real estate law. He is a member of Chapter 8 Gulf Coast Chapter of IRWA


Photo of Julie RasmussenJulie Rasmussen, Sr. VP of Projects & Operations, has 20 years of experience in ROW project management and oversight. She has expertise in FERC and other regulatory agency requirements; project execution plans; strategic planning; route selection; acquisition; scheduling; damage settlements; monitoring construction activities; title and abstract work; permitting; feasibility studies; and budgeting.

Over the years, Rasmussen has successfully managed some of Contract Land Staff, LLC’s (CLS) largest multi-state projects and has overseen the management of multiple field offices with large numbers of ROW agents and administrative personnel under her supervision. Prior to joining CLS, she managed multiple fiber optic projects for AT&T and highway projects for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Rasmussen is an instructor for the CLS Professional Development Institute where she provides training and direction for projects and clients regarding the written development of standards for execution of projects. She designs, implements and presents training materials, and develops usable and consistent standards in conjunction with creating course outlines that help attendees benefit from using basic concepts and learning technical expertise.

Rasmussen holds a degree in Marketing from Hawkeye Community College, and is a licensed North Carolina real estate broker. In addition, Julie is a member of the Chapter 8 International Right of Way Association (IRWA).


Photo of Rosie DawsonRosie Dawson has been with Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS) since 1996 and brings over 25 years of ROW industry experience, including electric transmission and distribution, pipeline, DOT, oil, and gas and mineral title research.

As senior vice president of Title Services, Dawson’s responsibilities include project title management and quality control through pre-project training of title procedures, as well as teaching PDI classes for CLS. She is currently overseeing projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Michigan. Dawson also works with clients conducting the title research for smaller projects. Prior to joining CLS, she had her own consulting business for eight years, and a five-year tenure with the Harris County (Houston) Attorney's Office.

Dawson has also instructed classes and webinars on An Overview of Title Research; the title portion of Everything You Want to Know about Right of Way and Plotting Legal Descriptions the Old Fashioned Way. She has been a co-instructor for the IRWA Titles 801 class for several years and is a member of Chapter 8 Gulf Coast Chapter of IRWA. She attended the Dickinson State Teachers College in Dickinson, North Dakota.


Photo of Leon LawLeon Law, VP of Client Services Technology Solutions, joined Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS) in 1999 and has been responsible for guiding the company’s technology direction and strategy for over 10 years. He has been involved in the architecture, design and implementation of CLS’s web application, CLSLiNK, a robust solution for land data management and CLSLiNK GIS Viewer, an interactive, web-based map viewer. Law also participated in the creation of the VROW Department (Virtual Right of Way) which is responsible for data entry and land records management services. He was also heavily involved in the formation of the GIS Services Department which now offers digitization, analysis and cartography services.

With this deep understanding of the company’s solution portfolio Law is adept at positioning solutions to best address clients’ needs. Law has participated and led multiple software and due diligence project implementations during his tenure with CLS. His primary focus now is business development, account management and training for all of CLS’s technology solutions offerings and services.

Law holds a BA in Business from California State University-Fullerton and is a regular instructor for the CLS-Professional Development Institute.


Photo of teri RowleyTeri Cameron is a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) and has over 20 years of experience in marketing professional services. As the vice president of marketing for Contract Land Staff, LLC, she leads the firm’s marketing and business development efforts, balancing the service strategy and executing the marketing plan to achieve desired results. She works in close association with chief officers, personnel and suppliers, builds relations with clients as well as oversight of all marketing aspects to achieve increase in sales and improve the brand image of the company. Teri also oversees all communication and PR practices, nationwide.

Teri is a member of the International Right of Way Association and is currently its director of Communications. She has been an active member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Houston Chapter since 1997, holding many board positions including resident in 2002-2003. She served on the Houston SMPS Mentoring Committee for two years and also received Rock of the Chapter in 1999-2000.


Photo of Nick AnitsakisNick Anitsakis has been with Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS), since 2007 and brings 10 years of ROW industry experience, including electric transmission, pipeline, DOT and real estate appraisal. As director of electric transmission projects, Anitsakis provides oversight to projects, primarily in electric transmission. In this capacity, he has managed three 345 kV projects in Texas and a 345 kV transmission line in Oklahoma. In addition, he has provided consulting and regulatory support for multiple of projects from Texas to the Midwest. Prior to joining CLS, Anitsakis was a commercial real estate appraiser, dealing extensively with eminent domain, encroachments and ROW easements.

Anitsakis is also an instructor in the CLS-Professional Development Institute. He holds a B.B.A in Finance with a concentration in Real Estate, is a member of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Chapter 8, serves as the IRWA Region 2 representative for the utilities committee, and is an associate member of the Appraisal Institute.


Photo of Ed TrappEd Trapp has been with Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS), since 2009 and brings over 30 years of ROW industry experience, including electric transmission and distribution, pipeline, DOT, oil, gas and mineral, solution uranium mining and renewable energy. As director of electric transmission projects, Trapp’s responsibilities include project management and quality control over electric transmission projects. He is currently overseeing three electric transmission projects in three states, Oklahoma, Kansas and Michigan. He also works with clients to plan projects, assists in preparing project estimates and ensures employment needs are met.

Prior to joining CLS, Trapp spent 16 years with Xcel Energy in the Midwest. He has also instructed classes and webinars, such as Electric Transmission Overview, Electric Transmission Infrastructure, and Anatomy of an Electric Transmission Project. He holds a BS degree with considerable post-graduate study in real estate law. He is a member of Chapter 8 Gulf Coast Chapter of IRWA and past president of Chapter 17A Badger Chapter of Wisconsin.


Photo of Bruce TreplBruce Trepl has been with Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS), since 2009 and brings over 10 years of ROW industry experience, including pipeline, oil and gas, water lines and due diligence.

As vice president of projects, Trepl's responsibilities at CLS involve day-to-day management of project teams, and enhancing communication, education and management of client expectations. He develops project requirements, assigning priorities, establishing deadlines, and tracking problems, ensuring that clients receive hands-on attention and quality services.

Trepl holds a BA in Mass Communications from West Texas A&M University and is a regular instructor for the CLS Professional Development Institute, instructing classes and webinars on shale plays and other topics.


Photo of Bow BrannonBow Brannon is the director of Contract Land Staff’s (CLS) Title Services, providing oversight on all title work, with responsibilities that include the development and implementation of procedures and best practices for the CLS Title Department. Before his promotion to director in 2013, Brannon held the position of title manager for three years. Prior to that, he was a senior title agent and project title supervisor, and managed eight pipelines covering 1,820 tracts in 13 counties, with a staff of 40 agents and three supervisors.

Brannon has over 28 years in the title industry, including the ownership and operation of an independent title business providing title research for lenders, ROW service providers and others. He has over seven years exclusively in the ROW industry. He also has extensive knowledge of due-diligence research and reporting, having recently led several major due diligence studies.
Brannon is a regular instructor for the CLS Professional Development Institute and teaches title training for new ROW agents and project kick-off sessions and acts as a facilitator for title seminars for other industry professionals.


Photo of Stephen McVeighStephen “Skip” McVeigh has been with Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS), since 2010 and has over eight years’ experience working in the Houston oil and gas industry. He is currently the director of the Virtual Right of Way Department (VROW) and oversees data management and project processes for all CLS’s ROW and due diligence projects. McVeigh started with CLS in the Technology Solutions Department as a business analyst. While there, he helped standardize data processes and metrics between projects, which greatly improved project reporting. He also played a large role in creating the SSRS reporting suite which is now used on all CLS projects.
Prior to working with CLS, McVeigh worked for Accenture for six and a half years. During this time, he consulted in many areas in the oil and gas industry for clients such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, Hess, Anadarko and Weatherford.
McVeigh is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in management information systems. He is a born and raised Houstonian with family ties in and around the oil and gas industry.


Joel MartinezJoel Martinez joined the GIS Department at Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS), in the spring of 2012. He contributes to program initiatives by bringing 13 years of geographic information systems (GIS) experience to the team. His GIS skillset is informed by an interdisciplinary background in geospatial technology which has involved archaeology, outdoor leadership training, civil and kinetic military applications, and the oil, gas, and energy industries.

As GIS Supervisor, Martinez is responsible for implementation, management, and maintaining geospatial assets for clients in OG&E, as well as managing and providing GIS services to ROW project managers and agents in the field. Prior to joining CLS, he served in the US Army as a captain and served two combat tours in Iraq.

Martinez is a regular instructor for the CLS Professional Development Institute, teaching courses on technology solutions: Data Management, GIS and the Cloud, CLSLiNK GIS Viewer and Data Change Request.

A native of the Texas Panhandle, Martinez holds a BA in Anthropology & GIS from Texas Tech University with post-graduate studies and coursework in geographic information systems.


Photo of David MartinDavid Martin joined Contract Land Staff in 2015 to open the Midland office. Previously, he had been with Enbridge Energy Partners L.P. in Houston, Texas, since 2001, where he was the Senior Manager of the Land and Right of Way Department for the Natural Gas Pipeline Division since 2006. Prior to that, Mr. Martin handled acquisitions and divestitures for Enbridge as the attorney in the business development group, and previous to that has held the positions of Vice President-Legal for Koch Midstream Services Company; Senior Attorney for Koch Industries, Inc; Vice President and General Counsel for Mid Louisiana Gas Company, and in private practice with Foulston & Siefkin LLC in Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Martin graduated magna cum laude from Washburn University with his juris doctorate law degree in 1984. Mr. Martin has extensive land and right-of-way experience in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin and Illinois, with additional experience in other states. Besides his extensive background in Right of Way and his legal training and expertise, Mr. Martin is also known for his keen sense of humor which we are sure our Certificate participants will enjoy.


Guest Faculty - Bios


Photo of CW WillifordConnie W. Williford graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Agricultural Economics with special emphasis in real estate. He has lectured extensively throughout the country on appraisal issues such as the valuation of contaminated properties, easement valuation, eminent domain appraisal and litigation and appraisal principles. Williford holds the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute and is a state certified general real estate appraiser in several states. He has performed appraisals and appraisal reviews on virtually all types of real estate and has been qualified as an expert witness in various courts of law.
As an active member in the International Right of Way Association, Williford currently serves on the International Pipeline Committee. He is a past chair of Region 2 and a past president of Gulf States Chapter 8 in Houston. He was chosen as Professional of the Year by both Region 2 and Chapter 8, and was a recipient of the Louise L. and Y.T. Lum Award presented by the Right of Way International Education Foundation.

Williford has served as an instructor for both the IRWA and the National Highway Institute. He has developed a number of courses for the NHI, including Appraisal and Appraisal Review for Federal-Aid Highway Programs and Eminent Domain Training for Attorneys and Appraisers. He is a partner in the firm of Allen, Williford & Seale. AWS specializes in ROW appraisal and has been and involved in appraisal projects throughout the United States. AWS has an experienced staff and is typically involved in numerous projects at any given time which allows staff to stay abreast of the ever-changing issues facing the appraisal community.


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