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The Master of Security Management for Executives degree requires satisfactory completion of 36 credit hours offered by the College of Public Service and the College of Business. The required courses are:

Course Number Course Name
SM 6360 Security Management for Executives -3 hrs
MGT 6301 Leadership, Motivation and Communication for Security Executives - 3hrs
SM 6362 Risk Assessment and Abatement - 3hrs
SM 6370 Current Issues in Security Management -3 hrs
SM 6371 Projects in Security Management - 3 hrs
MGT 6332 Managerial Decision Making for Security Executives - 3 hrs
MGT 6302 Human Resource Management for Security Executives - 3 hrs
SM 6367 Global Perspectives in Security Management - 3 hrs
SM 6365 Cyber Crime and Computer Forensics -3 hrs
SM 6364 Legal Environment of the Security Executive - 3hrs
SM 6680 Capstone Project- 6 hrs

*The Capstone Project gives the students the opportunity to bring together all the theories, skill and knowledge obtained in the degree program and integrate them into a learning experience that is consistent with the experiences of the security executive.

Last updated or reviewed on 2/13/15

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