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Customized Corporate Solutions


We’ll partner with your organization to build a customized training program for your supply entry-level employees and mid-level staff. The SCM customized program will be based on the UHD MBA’s corporate-driven content, and will be delivered using the learning environment that best fits your staff needs: face-to-face (a workshop over 4 days, 20 or 40 hour) OR an online program OR a hybrid solution (face-to-face classes supported by online activities). Content will be tailored to the professional profile of the participants and will cover one or more of the following topics:


Operations and supply chain management
  • Analysis of the systems that create and deliver a firm’s primary products and services
  • Design and improvement of these systems


Strategic sourcing and procurement
  • Development of procurement strategy consistent with overall organizational strategy
  • Category management, supplier solicitation, bidding and competitive negotiations
  • Types of purchasing contracts


Decision modeling
  • Forecasting, linear regression, cost/volume analysis, game theory, and Monte Carlo simulation
  • Decision modeling through application-based problem solving


Leadership in supply chain management
  • Build and support effective teams
  • Role of motivation and influence in leading strategic change efforts in the supply chain


Logistics and transportation
  • ‘Time and place utility’ of products
  • International logistics and regulatory issues
  • Risk and contingency planning


Legal aspects, contracts, and regulatory compliance
  • State, federal and international laws and treaties relevant to supply chain management
  • Evaluation of case decisions by the courts



Partner with the College of Business to create the customized solution that’s right for your organization,




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