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UHD Undergraduate Academic Programs - University College

B. Christiana Birchak, PhD, Dean
William Waller, PhD, Associate Dean
Charlie Finch, PhD, Assistant Dean
S655, 713-221-8007

All new undergraduate students to UH-Downtown are first admitted into University College. University College is responsi­ble for assisting students in their academic progress until they officially declare a major. Students are encouraged to officially declare their major when they have completed 30-60 credit hours of college-level courses. See the Academic Advising Center for specific requirements and the procedures for declar­ing a major.

Academic Advising Center
S370, 713-221-8006
The Academic Advising Center is a place where UHD students can meet with an academic advisor to discuss academic and other university issues. At the Advising Center, Student Success is our number one priority therefore, meeting with an academic advisor each semester will help students to remain in compliance with state and university policies, and to make satisfactory progress toward attaining their degrees.

Academic Advisors are available to make recommendations for registration and degree plan requirements, match students’ needs with available resources, communicate university policies and procedures and assist students in declaring their major.  Academic advisors are also available to discuss coursework evaluation from previous colleges and universities that students may have attended. The Academic Advising Center is open from 8:00 to 7:00, Monday and Tuesday , , and 8:00 to 6:00 on Wednesday and Thursday, then on  Friday 8 to 5pm. No appointment is necessary during registration; however, students are strongly encouraged to request an appointment to meet with advisors during the regular semester

Academic Support Center
N925, 713-221-8669 •

The Academic Support Center provides tutoring for students seeking to develop math, statistics, writing, and reading skills. The Center for Math & Statistics Support and the Writing & Reading Center are both located in the Academic Support Center. In addition to tutoring, the ASC provides quiet study areas, learning aids (textbooks, calculators, videos), and a computing center to support instructional activities. The ASC is staffed by faculty and peer tutors and is located in 925-North of the One Main building. Hours of operation are structured to accommodate day, evening, and weekend classes. The ASC is open to all currently enrolled UHD students and students may attend as often as they like.


Academic Counseling Center
S655, 713-221-8101

Academic counselors are available to provide assistance and guidance to students on academic issues. Counselors work with students on setting goals, managing time, arranging for tutoring in selected subjects, and dealing with unforeseen difficulties that may jeopardize academic success. Support programs are also available to help students with physical or learning disabilities.


Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEARUP)

The GEAR UP Program, federally funded by the U. S. Department of Education, has made possible a collaborative involving Project GRAD, the Houston Independent School District (specifically Davis, Yates, Wheatley, Reagan and Sam Houston feeder patterns), and the University of Houston-Downtown. GEAR UP is designed to better prepare middle and high school students for college through academic preparation programs and scholarships for students, professional development activities for educators, and college access information for students and parents.


Programs of Study
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a major in Applied Administration
Bachelor of Science with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies


Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a
major in Applied Administration (120 hours)

Karen C. Kaser, Ph.D, Program Chair                                                     
S400, 713-223-7992


Karen C. Kaser, Ph.D.


Tara Nuwal, Ph.D.



Mission Statement
The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a major in Applied Administration (BAAS-AA) is designed to offer students that have completed the Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) the opportunity to develop competencies, skills, and the foundation preparation for promotion to administrative and supervisory positions in organizations. 
Through the completion of the BAAS in Applied Administration, the student is provided the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the areas of program planning and evaluation, supervision and leadership, human resources, budgeting, interpersonal communication skills, change management, information systems, and the development of technology for use in organizational processes.  This degree will provide the skills and knowledge for upward mobility into supervisory and administrative positions.   


Academic Requirements

Consistent with the University of Houston-Downtown’s commitment to quality undergraduate education, the BAAS in Applied Administration Program adopts this policy regarding admissions, the declaration of majors, course enrollment and requirements for graduation for the BAAS in Applied Administration degree. 


Admission and Declaration of Major
Students who have a GPA of 2.25 or higher at UHD or the last institution attended may be admitted to the BAAS in Applied Administration If they meet the following criteria:
•   Completion of an AAS degree from a community college,
•   Satisfactory completion of Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements, and
•   No transcript or cashier holds.
Students may declare their major in Applied Administration if they meet the above criteria.


Denial of Admission
Students with a GPA of less than 2.25 at the last college or university attended do not qualify for admission to the BAAS in Applied Administration and must meet with University College advisors for course approvals.

Satisfaction of Prerequisites

Prerequisites are NOT optional; prerequisites ARE requirements or courses that must be completed PRIOR to taking a course. The prerequisites for a course are described in the catalog course descriptions. It is the student’s responsibility to insure that he/she meets the prerequisites prior to enrollment in a course. If the student enrolls and does not meet the prerequisites, he/she may be administratively withdrawn from the course at any time. The administrative withdrawal will result in NO REFUND of tuition and fees because it appears that the student knowingly enrolled in the course in violation of catalog requirements. Any variance in prerequisite requirements or this policy must be obtained in writing from the program director prior to enrollment in the course.


Dismissal from the BAAS-AA Program
Students admitted to the BAAS in Applied Administration  whose overall GPA falls below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters will be placed on academic suspension in accordance with the current UHD Catalog.  Students on academic suspension will be dismissed from the program.

Students who fail a required course after three attempts will be dismissed from the BAAS in Applied Administration for failure to progress.


Course Approvals and Advising
Students admitted to the BAAS in Applied Administration will be advised by BAAS-AA advisors only. Students with declared BAAS-AA major will be granted self-advising privileges as long as they have completed the 42 hour Common Core, they maintain a GPA of 2.25 or above, and they follow all prerequisites.  Students who fail to follow prerequisite requirements will be denied self-advising privileges. This provision applies to students who have not completed the 42 hour Common Core or do not follow advisors’ directions. Students who fail to file a declaration of major when eligible will be denied enrollment in courses administered by the BAAS-AA Program until the declaration has been filed.

Students in the BAAS in Applied Administration may not enroll in courses in the College of Business BBA programs.  Likewise, students in College of Business BBA programs may not enroll in BAAS in Applied Administration courses.


Graduation Requirements
In addition to meeting the general requirements established by the University of Houston-Downtown for eligibility to graduate, students receiving a degree in the BAAS-AA program must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or better for all courses taken in the BAAS-AA program.  The final 30 semester credit hours of course work toward the degree must be taken at UH-Downtown. Prior to the start of the final 30 hours of course work, stu­dents, who wish to take Common Core classes at a community college may apply those credits toward the BAAS-AA degree.
For degree completion, at least 25% of the semester credit hours must be earned through instruction offered by UHD. Additionally, 18 of the last 30 hours must be in upper division course work as approved by BAAS-AA Program. Only the Program Chair of the BAAS-AA Program may waive any portion of these requirements and only upon written petition by a student who has demonstrated extraordinary ability.


Courses of Instruction
Individual courses of instruction are subject to change or cancel­lation at any time and may not be offered each semester or every year. Students should be especially mindful that summer offerings are limited and vary from year to year. Therefore, careful planning is required if progress toward the degree is expected during the summer months.


Field Experience

Field experience integrates theory learned in the classroom with practical work experience in a job related to the student’s academic and professional goals.  The work experience and the academic experience must be directly related.  Positions may or may not be paid and may last the duration of the fall or spring semester or the entire summer.  Field Experience generally is not approved for students already employed in their area of study.

Eligibility for Field Experience enrollment includes at least 60 semester hours completed in the degree program, completion of additional General Education courses, and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or prior approval of the director.  Submission of applications and other preliminary procedures should be completed during the semester prior to the one in which the student wishes to enroll.

The BAAS in Applied Administration program allows up to two courses (6 semester credit hours) in Field Experience to be applied toward graduation requirements.  These courses are graded on a pass/fail basis and do not apply toward calculation of the grade point average.


Course Requirements for BAAS-AA Major

This major integrates the Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) with the requirements of the BAAS-AA enabling the student to earn a four-year degree with minimal loss of AAS credit hours.


Common Core Requirements (42 hours)

Check the common core requirements listed in this catalog.


Application Course Requirements
AA 3302 and AA 3307 (see Required Courses below) satisfy the writing skills requirement. The nonverbal ana­lytical skills requirement is satisfied by AA 3306 (see Required Course below).


Enhancement Course Requirements
The general education requirements related to ethical and moral issues and the world community are addressed by AA 3301 and applied throughout the required applied administration core courses. For the study of these issues to be most meaning­ful, they must be studied in direct relationship with the major chosen by the student. Thus, within the content of each Required Courses, relevant material related to these ethical and moral issues is presented.


Courses in Technical in Major from the AAS Degree (36 hours)


Applied Administration Major Requirements
(30 hours)

AA 3301
AA 3302
AA 3303

Professional Ethics
Administrative Communication
Information Technology Administration

AA 3304

Budgeting for Administrators

AA 3305
AA 3306
AA 3307

Human Resources Administration
Decision Making Skills for Administrators
Administrative Leadership

AA 3308

Negotiation and Mediation Skills

AA 3310
AA 4305

Administering Organizational Change
Project Administration




Prescribed Electives (9 hours)
Select three courses from AA 4301, AA 4303, AA 4306, AA 4307, AA 4308, AA 4380, AA 4390, AA 4399, PSY 3301, or POLS 4319.


Free Upper Division Electives—No UHD College of Business Courses (3 hours)


Bachelor of Science with a major in Interdisciplinary

Melissa Hovsepian, PhD, Program Chair
S601, 713-221-8926

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies permits students to select, from among UHD’s offerings in the arts and sciences, those courses that most interest them, and to present 36 upper-level semester credit hours as their major, with at least 9 of those upper-level hours being in a single discipline or area of concentration. The degree shares the basic core curriculum with other degrees and includes a distribution of courses to ensure a good academ­ic foundation. Because the degree includes a large number of elective courses, it is often a suitable degree completion alterna­tive for transfer students or students who have discovered that they are no longer interested in a previous major. Although a minor is not required, students are strongly encouraged to complete one or more, using the area of concentration as a basis.

Graduates are qualified to undertake a variety of employment or community service opportunities and challenges. By careful selection of courses with the help of a college advisor, students who complete the degree can prepare themselves for graduate or professional programs or for post-baccalaureate teacher certification. Students should consider taking advantage of the service learning opportunity provided by up to 6 upper-level hours of field experience or internship. 


Program Learning Outcomes
Graduates who earn a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies will:

  • Be able to write effectively, using proper grammar and sentence construction; their thoughts will be organized effectively with clear awareness of discourse. 
  • Be able to research topics in one or more arts/sciences disciplines and correctly cite and arrange citations
  • Be able to apply disciplinary or interdisciplinary knowledge to an active engagement in workforce, service, or capstone academic experience: internship/business context, service learning, capstone/supervised research experience, or senior-level course project.

Degree Requirements
The degree requires the completion of 120 semester credit hours. At least 36 hours must come from upper-level course work with­in the arts and sciences. A minimum of 9 hours of the upper-level requirements must be in the same discipline or area of concentration, but no more than 18 may be in the same discipline or area of concentration. The last 30 hours, including the last 18 in the upper-level requirements, must be success­fully completed in residence at UHD. A minimum GPA of 2.00 at UHD and in the upper-level requirements, including any applied transfer courses, is required for graduation. Prior to applying for graduation, enrollment in ISS 4098 “Senior Portfolio for BS-ISS” in the expected term of graduation is recommended, and successful completion is required for graduation.


No more than 27 hours in the same discipline or area of concentration may be applied towards this degree, excluding courses used to satisfy the common core requirements. No more than 3 hours of physical activity-related classes (physical education or sports) may be applied towards this degree. Developmental (e.g., ENG 1300 or below, MATH 0300, MATH 1300 and RDG 1300 or below) and workforce or equivalent hours are not applicable towards this degree. Also, the college reserves the right to limit the number of directed study, field experience, internship, service learning, experience learning, and credit-by-examination hours that can be applied towards the degree.


In compliance with the accrediting principles of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, no more than 30 hours in business courses may be applied towards this degree. In compliance with the College of Business standards, non-business majors are restricted to a maximum of 18 upper-level hours in business courses.


Common Core Requirements (42 hours)
See listing under Common Core Requirements of this Catalog


Preparatory Requirements (18 hours)
Three hours of literature, six hours of arts and humanities, six hours of social sciences, and three hours of mathematics, natural sciences, or computer science. These requirements may be satisfied with either lower-level or upper-level course work.


Upper-Level Requirements (36 hours)
At least 36 hours of upper-level course work in the arts and sciences are required. Within these requirements, students must complete a concentration consisting of at least 9 hours in a single discipline or area of concentration, without exceeding the limit of18 hours in a single discipline or area of concentration, as noted in the degree requirements above. Six hours must be in writing-intensive courses, including at least one ENG course with “Writing” in the tile. Although a minor is not required, students are strongly encouraged to complete one or more minors, using the concentration as a basis. A 3- or 6-hour internship or field experience is highly recommended, but not required.


Electives (24 hours)
These courses can be from any department at any level, with the restrictions noted in the degree requirements above. 


Application Course Requirements
In the Upper-Level Requirements, students must complete six hours in writing-intensive courses, including at least one ENG course with “Writing” in the tile, to satisfy the writing skills or “W courses” requirement. In the Preparatory Requirements, students must complete three hours in a mathematics, natural sciences, or computer science course, beyond those used to satisfy the common core requirements, to satisfy the nonverbal analytical skills or “S courses” requirement.

Enhancement Course Requirements
In the above course work, students must carefully select and complete an ethics course that gives significant emphasis to ethical and moral issues and a world community course that engenders in students a greater appreciation of their membership in a world community marked by vast diversities of every type.



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