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GAP Insurance Program

Under the current ERS regulations, new employees have a 60-day waiting period before they become eligible for group health insurance coverage. As a result, employees may be without insurance coverage during the waiting period and paying very expensive premiums for individual health insurance plans.

The gap insurance program will reimburse up to $500 per month of the cost to purchase individual coverage to cover the 60-day waiting period.

Coverage may be through (1) COBRA from the previous employer, (2) a company that provides short-term “Gap” medical insurance plans for individuals and family (click here for list of companies), or (3) internet services that provide an extensive list of short-term medical plans for your consideration such as ( or ( These companies are not endorsed by the University of Houston-Downtown.

It is the employee’s responsibility to purchase medical insurance and then submit proof of coverage directly to the UHD Benefits Office in room S-910. A written receipt or statement from the insurance company is required. The receipt or statement should include the name and address of the company, the monthly premium, the amount paid, and the period covered by the payment. Upon receipt of this documentation, ESO will process a reimbursement to the employee of the premium paid up to $500 per month.

For additional information on the UHD Gap Insurance Program and/or other employee benefits programs, please contact the Benefits Office at (713) 221-8443.





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